Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just call us Abraham and Sarah

Yes, it's true.  If you've followed the twitterati and facebook, you will know that I am indeed, PREGNANT.  We have never laughed so hard for so long.  

Now, I don't have long to blog because I have a hundred facebook messages and a bunch of instant chats going on from people who think this is as incredible as we do.  And in just a few minutes I have to go feed our 2 month old twin baby girls who are soon to be BIG SISTERS. But I wanted to take a minute and give the update for both of you who still read my blog.

In case you haven't done the math, we will have more kids than seats in the Suburban.  4 children under the age of 3.  And 3 children who can't walk.  (Just putting it in perspective).

Oh, and did I mention that we will have SEVEN children?  Barring twins or triplets, the 7th Bohlender will arrive sometime in July 2009.  

We told Lou and Therese -- they cried and laughed and said, "You caught up with us!"  Ha!

So, it is now time for me to make the bottles and feed babies.  And I guess I will be doing that for, oh, the next two years!!  hahahahahaha!!  Hopefully I will be able to keep up the blog like so many of my superhero mom friends.  Pray that I can.  I have a couple posts that have been brewing for quite some time.  Now I just need some down time to myself for a  couple hours to process thoughts and write.  And maybe a foot rub.  And a homemade chocolate cake.  


Tracie said...

I can give a mean foot rub, and whip up a pretty terrific chocolate cake.

Jacqueline said...

I guess I'm one of the two people who read your blog! :) This new baby news is truly amazing, incredible & wonderful! I had a good laugh myself - all babies are such a joy, no matter in what way they are delivered! Looking forward to reading whatever things are brewing in your heart...

Annie Peterson said...

So, chocolate cake? :)

And you have totally caught up with the Engles! That is hilarious! :)

I am so excited for you guys...and totally convinced that I MUST now stay in Kansas City to meet this little person!

afarmer said...

oh kelsey, let the good times roll !!Sam and Olivia are 10 1/2 months apart and I think that will be close to what u will have. Congratulations!!