Friday, September 26, 2008

More to come...I promise

I know, I know. You thought since I was sitting around waiting in the Florida sunshine I would have a ton of time to keep everyone updated and post pics. I had that romantic notion too for about, oh, a minute.

We fly home tomorrow and I am counting the hours! Not that I don't love Sarasota (and Kilwin's -- Mint Chocolate Chip, baby!), but I am so looking forward to having all SIX children in one spot. Ha!! If I faint, just leave me for awhile. I will be fine.

When I come up for air, I will give detailed updates on the babies, their story, and the state of the Bohlender tribe.

Pray for lots of sleep!


Somedays are Worth Remembering said...

I cannot wait to see you and ALL 6 of your tribe members. My mom and I went to the KC mother of twins sale and got you some yummy outfits and such. I love you guys and hope someday that we will have a testimony like yours. You provoke me.

Danielle said...

The fans are waiting... :)