Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Intercessory Shots

Last night I started my Lovenox shots - a twice daily injection into the abdomen to help blood flow during pregnancy.  It's no fun, but having done it before, I thought I would get into the groove of it pretty quick.  I let Zion watch and he was unimpressed.  I guess he was expecting more blood and drama, not a tiny little needle submerged into Mom's belly roll.  I didn't expect the burning sensation that followed the initial prick.  Lovenox is a different medication than I have used before, so I didn't know it would burn so bad.  I almost passed out.  Randy found me crumpled on the kitchen floor with cold sweats and seeing black dots.  As he helped me up to the bed, I cried like a baby.  THIS HURTS!  And it is the first of 600 more!!!

Today's shots were a little better, although it still made me queasy.  Tonight, as I sat waiting for the burning to pass, Jackson came over and asked, "Mom, can I pray for you?"  Of course, that was a no brainer.  "YES!"  He went on to pray with more wisdom than I thought a 15 year old could hold.  He prayed for strength and said, "God, this is her intercession right now.  In a weird way, this is her act of intercession, taking these shots and carrying this baby" and he asked that God would see it and bless me in this season.  What a kid!!

So today, maybe you are in a season of taking "intercessory shots".  It burns and you cry alot because it doesn't seem like you are doing much, but deep inside there is something growing that will be an inheritance for Jesus when He returns. 


Tracie said...

Tears dripping....
I love our kids Kelsey. They are so awesome.

I could have coffee and talk for hours about this post.

Anna said...

I am so, so sorry about the shots... :(

Jess said...

aw yikes... I only had to have shots once a week with my last two... progesterone. I was so lucky it didn't burn but it was thick!
Praying for great grace for you as you cook this baby! I know how hard it is to go through all the work!

Kristi Walsh said...

Grace, grace to you, Kelsey.
But already the fruit of your pain is life to the hearts of others....including my own.
Thanks for your perspective and encouragement. Looking forward to doing this thing together!

raegan said...

We are praying here for you and your family. We are excited to see the young generation praying. I am excited to hear Ezra pray when he starts talking. I am excited to see what will come from your babies when they start talking. So exciting! This is an awesome time to be alive!