Friday, September 19, 2008

BABIES! (Yes, that was plural!)

We are at the hospital, waiting for the mounds of paperwork to be signed.  The Lord has divinely orchestrated this day in such complex ways that it is blowing my little mind!  Today, we will have legal custody of beautiful, twin baby girls....a double portion to celebrate the 9th anniversary of IHOP.  Wow!

Obviously there is quite a story.  I wish I had time to write it all now, but I don't.  We are literally waiting for the attorneys to come out and hand us the babies.  It could be any minute.  

They are beautiful.  An Asian heritage gives their skin that beautiful glow and dark eyes.  We thought we had names, but in the short moment we held them, we felt they weren't quite right. Hope to announce the decision later today!

Pray for us, for Aemi the birthmom and for the little babies that they would know their stories were written in a book before they were one day old.  

More updates soon......I promise!


Nathan DeWitt said...

Yay!! There are many people praying for this to go through smoothly.

Ezra also has the dark eyes... I get lost in them.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for what you guys are doing. We are indebted to you.

Elizabeth Kosorski said...

O.K. So you guys announce the names, I think they are awesome! I go on with my day, and tonight I am on twitter. On Samuel Gatlyn's feed is this link, titled "Mercy Rain"

Don't Know if you've seen it, or whether it's related, or whether it's a God thing. It was just too much for me to not pass along.

I tried to email you, but for some reason I can't email anyone odd. Anyhow.

Love you guys!