Monday, February 26, 2007

It's a NyQuil Night

I have just pressed through Jackson's 14th birthday dinner party. It was a fabulous night with a house full of kids and teens celebrating at maximum capacity. The guest list included young and old - Tim Cone, Brent Steeno and Becky Hill were the senior members in attendance, along with the Dinsmore and Loux clan and their army of young'ins. The adult fossils in the group lingered over homemade salsa, guac and whole wheat cookies. Boy, it doesn't get more exciting than that, now, does it?

The crowd left way past my bedtime and as soon as the front door closed, I headed for the medicine cabinet and grabbed the NyQuil. I came home from my mom's group retreat with no voice and a burning in my chest. Not good signs. I went to prayer lead this morning and Marcus kindly asked me to get a replacement. I suppose they don't want germs and things on the prayer mic. Not to mention the fact that I sound like Bob Hartley with a cold. Anyway, I smiled and tried to make intelligent conversation this evening, all the while feeling that I was on a different planet as things were spinning around me. So, when everyone left, it was NyQuil time. I have about 17 good minutes left, so I thought I would blog my way to sleep.

I was supposed to teach the Simeon's tomorrow morning, but I told them unless they speak pigeon sign language, I probably couldn't do it, being that I can't talk and all. To top off the evening, Zion has an earache and a slight fever. Now would be a good time for that "no disease known to man" stuff to break in over our family.

Hey, and if you think about it, pray for my friend Shari too. She is going to have her baby tonight at 28 weeks because of a severe case of preeclampsia. Shari and Jono Hall are stellar examples of faithful intercessory missionaries, working long hours to get this GodTV thing off the ground and now they are facing who knows what with her health and the baby's. Plus they have no medical insurance. It might be nice if you feel led to send them a few bucks via IHOP -- the hospital stay alone is over $1,000/day plus an ambulance ride and other stuff no doubt. Anyway, they need a breakthrough of God's power as well.

Pray also for the Voran family. Both of their children are in the hospital -- almost 2 year old Elisha and Zeke who is just a few days old with RSV, which is a very dangerous disease for babies. Pray for healing and strength.

OK, I feel myself about to nod off. Pretty soon I will start to see stars.....and my words will begin to slur........but I sure will forget that I feel so crummy so I guess it's worth it!!

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Esther Myung said...

Wow, Kelsey! You were sick and you had a birthday party for your son?! You're a super-mom and super-woman! You're amazing! :)
Love you!