Monday, January 01, 2007

Maybe next time I'll take an elephant

The next time I decide to go grocery shopping with all 4 children and Randy, would someone please come slap some sense into my head? We headed to WalMart tonight straight from the 4 pm prayer meeting. I thought I could feed my kids dinner at Subway and then grab a few food items while the boys played in the Electronics department.

All was going well until Grayson barfed by the greeter. Poor kid. He said he felt better so we kept with the plan. I was halfway through the organic cereals when my four wild monkeys (Zoe not included, let the reader understand) came running down the aisle asking for everything in sight. Randy belted out, "Honey where's the TANG?" I had to just act like I didn't know them and walk away.

I'm sure this would've been funny if I hadn't been up most of the last 72 hours.......


Tracie Loux said...

The reader does understand!
The reader sympathizes!
This reader would not have had a sense of humor either!

Randy Bohlender said...

I was trying to explain to the lesser monkeys what exactly TANG was. They have no knowledge of it. Props to Caleb Powell for reminding me at Evan's wedding that you could drink TANG hot too!

It's the drink of astronauts, you know.

Gayle C said...

Been there! I have learned I cannot take Michael and Sammy to Costco at the same time. We had to trade a years labor and our firstborn to get out of the store with all the food they "needed". This included 2, yes 2, cheesecakes! OY!!