Monday, November 06, 2006

It's easy for me to get intimidated in Blogland. I am not as quick-witted and technologically savvy as my favorite superhero. I am not as creative with communication and blog post ideas as the caffeinated guru. This kid passed me with his vocabulary and humor as few years back. Sometimes I just can't find a spare minute in the day to glue together two coherent thoughts, much less record them for the world. But this evening I had a thought....or should I say a thought had me. It's kind of simple, but very difficult. I want God to consume me. That is so cliche. Ugh - I wish I had language to express what only feels like a groaning. Not only do I want Him to consume me, if He doesn't come and burn my heart with His fire, I will surely fall. That's the plain and simple of it. My entire being must be enamored with God Himself and nothing else or I am done. Finished. Whacked. Period. I'm not trying to be cute - this is really serious. Apart from being completely overtaken by His affections for me and His holy character, I can be nothing that really matters. I will only be a clanging cymbal and one striving for attention from men. Yuck. And to add to it all, there's really nothing I can do except lay down everything I possess (destiny, dreams, desires), open up my fists into palms extended wide and cry out, "Make me clean. Take it all. Give me You."

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