Sunday, October 08, 2006

I will be SO ready to get Zoe from he hospital! The nurses are wonderful, but they do things opposite of what I would do. Last night, we had to wait until "visiting hours" started so as we stood peering through the glass into all the babies, I could see Zoe squirming and crying. It is the most frsutrating thing to know your baby needs you and be told, "No, 8 more minutes". When we got in, she was so hungry, but then we were told, "It's bath time". What are these people thinking? I almost blurted out, "That's not what the Ezzo's would do!" but I refrained. Randy made the comment that when we drive away from this place with her in the car seat, it will feel like we stole something -- perhaps even snatched from the fire. Driving through this city, I couldn't be more convinced.

Between evening feedings last night we drove down the Ls Vegas strip. The intercessor in me groaned. We saw a bunch of establishments with the word "sin" in the name. At least the don't pretend. It's like legalized lust on every level. Money, food, physical pleasures. More than once I have been overwhelmed at the sovereignty of God and the life He is saving her from. This isn't Westport, kids. Or even Clifton. Think Bangkok only everyone has alot of money to spend.

This morning we get to celebrate baby and LIFE with our friends Sean and Danie who have come from L.A. It's been incredible to delight in God's goodness with each other, how much better with friends.


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Tim said...

this is so amazing.. i cannot believe this is really happening! I want to hear all the stories when you get back.