Saturday, June 03, 2006

The dust has settled....

....and it's all over everything! I am sitting here on the sofa looking at a layer of dust on my tables, desk, and floor. Who knew that removing tile would be so messy? Today we are getting smart (a day late) and putting up plastic sheeting as a wall. Of course whoever is inside that bubble will have to wear a mask just to breathe, but at least the house won't get so yucky. We are certainly in the ugly phase of the remodel!

On another note, I kicking the dust off my own notes on the book of Hosea. My dream is to someday write a commentary on this book. That is somewhat like a dentist writing a book on architecture, but nonetheless, it's what I'm working toward. I sat down one day a couple years ago, intent on studying the first chapter. I couldn't get past verse one and ended up with pages and pages of ntoes on just that little verse. At this rate it will take my lifetime to get through to the 14th chapter. One of my favorite parts is in chapter 2 where the Lord says "In that day..." -- can you imagine what that day will be like? My heart skips a beat when I read those words. "That day" is REALLY coming! Jesus, as a man, coming back to the earth, slaying His enemies and establishing His government! Wahoo! Anyway, my favorite part is when he says that on that day He is going to "respond...". This can also be translated "SING". No wonder He wants us to sing now -- it's the partnership in the mystery of that day! What does it look like when God sings and heaven and earth join in? This is not symbolic, folks, our God is going to raise His voice in song -- over us! And great will be the day of Jezreel, His judgments, His scattering. Aaaaagggh! Brain overload!

It will be interesting when the dust settles over Jerusalem on "that day".........selah.


Marci Lewellen said...

i sign up for the pre order on the commentary

Mikie3toes said...

Believe it or not, I have come to enjoy being lured into the wilderness.

jqpjames said...

OK, here it is. I feel like an intruder because I have been reading Think and Think 2 and I don't even know you guys. I found your site through my daughter Tarah who is Carrie's (Randy's boss thats a joke} room mate. I am new to this blog stuff and I am telling you it seems strange to read and know stuff about a family I don't know.
Nevertheless, I have been window peeking (in a good way).
Your dusty situation brought to mind a prophesy that was given over me in the midst of a divorce. It went like this.
God is re-arrangeing your furniture. When remodeling happens, things always get worse before they get better. What the enemy meant for bad, God will use for good. The end result will be a beautiful arrangement.
I was thinking . . . that is true of your dusty deal and . . . these end times. A major re-arrangment is coming and things will certainly get worse (really dusty} before they get better. And I mean really, really better! So come Lord Jesus. Rip up some tile and stir up the dust - we are with you not against you.
There you have it from Carrie's roomate's dad . . . your good friend, Jerry.