Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blast from the past

Do people ever come to mind out of the blue and you wonder why you haven't thought about them in like 20 years?? That has been happening to me alot lately. It may be a strange result of Mike's preaching on the desire for greatness. I have always wanted to be a "history maker". I used to dream of my name in lights, known across the world as a famous actress, causing people to laugh, cry and somehow making a difference in their lives. When I got saved, that desire was somewhat sanctified as my dreams shifted to be known as a great preacher, evangelist and church planter (these were my goals before I met Randy by the way). As the years have skipped by and my responsibilities behind the kitchen sink have increased with each child born into our home, I have pushed those desires to be "great" down into the crevices of my being, hoping to dig them out of the cave by the time I'm 50. These messages on the God-given desire to be great have set my dream free again, opening the window of my heart and letting my spirit soar. It really is ok to desire greatness! And I really don't have to preach, be famous or stand on a stage to affect the world! My secret life in God now buys me rich reward in the kingdom that is coming. My small "yes" captures His gaze and causes Him to call me "faithful" like Abraham. I can do the dishes or preach in a stadium and the pay is the same at the end of the day -- God is going to give me government. I will stand in the council room of heaven and have a say over the assignments of angels. Abso-stinking-lutely amazing.

Anyway, so I am standing in the service today and a friend from elementary school comes to mind. We spent tons of time together and based on the amount of havoc we raised, it can be argued we spent too much time together. We weren't saved little kids and we did lots of bad stuff. And I haven't thought of her in years and years. But today, as I stood singing to the Lord, her name came to mind. I began to pray for her, that the Word of the Lord would break in to her life, that she would know her God. I prayed and cried and when it was all over I felt like I had fought in a battle. My weak little prayers probably affected someone's destiny today. When I spoke to God, He released angels and bound up demons. It took only a few minutes and I changed history. It might take many more prayers before this friend comes to know Jesus, but folks -- the traffic flow in the spirit realm was directly affected by my prayers! And I'm not famous, hardly anyone knows my name. God hears and acts because I'm called to be great and it was He who put in my heart to change prayer at a time.


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