Thursday, June 01, 2006

I think we are becoming Reconstructionists....

Now before all of you beautiful rapture folks have a cow, I am not talking Dominion Theology. I am talking about our house! It is a total construction zone right now. I even found a scrap piece of 2x4 with several nails sticking straight up for all the kids at mom's group to play with. (KIDDING). Anyway, I think it's the phrase "first in the natural then in the Spirit" - whatever that really means. Is that even in the Bible? But, in this case, it's true. It's like our house project is indicative of what is happening on the inside. We desire a home that is beautiful and functional. We have made plans according to a designers blueprint and are in the demolition and waiting phase. Wow. This so parrallells my heart right now. I am so desiring a vibrant, radiant spirit. I want to enjoy Him enjoying me! I want to function at full capacity in this life, squeezing every single drop of life into this side of eternity as possible. I am following the designers blueprint, but am in the rending and waiting phase. Ugh. It's painful and rich at the same time. It kind of looks like a big mess, but amidst the clutter is a plan; order and beauty just waiting to be birthed.

I know it is so worth the mess; the de-construction before the re-construction. I just hope it doesn't turn out like my bathroom baseboard that has been waiting to be painted for 2 years. Somehow I think the Lord wants His beauty displayed in me as quickly as possible. Did I mention that the one way to speed up the process is prayer and fasting? In fact, it's really the only way to go. We were going to get all our cabinets and stuff at a local salvage warehouse, designing it ourselves and patching pieces here and there. We realized that we were not the kitchen experts and enlisted the help of a professional. The job will be done so much quicker this way and without the mistakes we will have no doubt made in the process. Prayer and fasting is like that. It is admitting your weakness and enlisting the help of the Designer of your heart. He already knows the dimensions.

I admit, I still don't like the not eating part. There, I have said it. I'm not like all these people that I've heard, "Oh, I LOVE fasting. I am so disappointed that I can't fast whlie pregnant!" What is that?? I love food. It's hard for me to not eat. But I love Jesus more and it is a small cost for the remodelling of the soul.


Ronni said...

OY. Thanks for the reminder... now why does the Troy strawberry festival have to be THIS weekend? UGH.

Shelley P said...

What a beautiful post! Your life makes me hunger and thirst of my Beloved.