Friday, September 05, 2008

The Bug Light Gathering

When we came home from DC, someone had changed the light bulb in our front porch light to one of those ugly, yellow bug lights that are supposed to not attract moths. At first, I thought, how atrocious looking! The dim, yellow light was depressing. But after a few nights of not catching a bugs in my teeth on my way in the front door, I have decided it's not so bad after all. The other light, however bright and cheery, always drew those stinking bugs!

We are all like bugs in a sense. We love the light and we love gathering together where there is bright, cheerful light. Tonight, some amazing friends threw open their doors and turned the bright lights on for all of us bugs to gather. Sean and Danie always know how to throw a party. The cool thing is, they never see it as a special occasion, they just think it's normal life. Kind of like turning on the porch light at night - it's just something you do.

There were quite a variety of lovely insects around the table tonight -- musicians, nannies, pregnant mothers, adopted babies, writers, chefs, teachers, visiting Southern Californians. We ate grass-fed-organic beef burgers with sauteed onions and famous Henry-style guacamole. People ate, talked, sat on the floor or crashed on the sofa while the roar of laughing children could be heard on every level of the house. I saw friends that I adore, but just don't intersect with very often. It was loads of fun. One guest I must mention by name is Jason - who is single and very much wanting to not be. I proposed the idea of establishing a website called "E-12 Harmony", a kind of matchmaking service for end times messengers. On second thought, maybe that idea is ahead of it's time.

Yep, it was fun hanging out with the bugs tonight, all those with like hearts running after the light together. Thanks to the Henry's for making their house a home for crazy beetles like us!


Tracie said...

And I got to hang out with my favorite lady bug two nights in a row! Woo Wee!!!

Elizabeth Kosorski said...

Hey there I am so glad your blog is back up and going! I've missed you. Have a great week!