Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel is a signpost....

....I have known this. But today it is real. I just look at the news today and it's ALL about Israel and my heart is full. I have found myself praying the prayer over and over "God, tell me what time it is. What time IS it??". My boys and I prayed for Israel today. We knelt down, joined hands and prayed for the peace of Jerusalem. I know that prayer will fully be answered only when He comes, but ohmygoodness, how we can not carry that nation in intercession now? They are in trouble. And that means the world is in trouble. It's time for a breakout of solemn assemblies. The solution is not in the UN delegation being sent, it's not in the military power of the IDF or even the forces of their allies. It's in the prayers of the saints and the mercy of Almighty God.

It was moving this afternoon to hear my little Zion pray, "I bless them to know the Lord their God". He was obviously thinking deeply about it. He knows his name and how it relates to the promises of God and the future of his kingdom. He also knows his name means "Israel" so when I showed him the pics of war he was sober. Sometimes I wonder what kind of intercessor I am really raising.......and then I have to stop thinking because it's too much.

These are the days of a new generation on the earth. Those fascinated only by Him and willing to pour themselves out in prayer like water on the ground. It's not a waste -- it's our only hope.


the other Sarah said...

I, too, have felt a holy trembling in my spirit as I listen to the news. Thanks for reminding me that I don't need to wait for some magic day when Abigail is "old enough" before I start teaching her to join me in intercession.

Ronni said...

I was weeping at the hospital yesterday... I saw the reports going on and I looked at my husband and said "we've passed a mile marker on the journey home"

Gave me chills.

I pray everyone has their armor ready.

Alaska1 said...


Alaska1 said...

And also to Sarah, I dont know you, but get Abigail's father into the coaching process too :)

Empower the children in the ways of God!!!

Joyska said...

kelsey, this was amazing. I have been watching via the internet and have been deeply sobered as well. i am in winnipeg right now, and we are all praying. thank you for taking seriously the prayers of your children. your post was moving.

fairchildren said...

Thanks Kelsey. I really felt encouraged reading your blog today. I love what Ronni says(I don't know her:)
"We've passed a mile marker on the journey home." Even in all the unrest there is hope to that day when we will see Him split the skies and every knee will bow and every tongue will confess!!!