Thursday, May 11, 2006


I have been thinking recently that we just do not party enough. As a child, I grew up in a home that was always having gut-wrenching fun. Granted, my parents were unsaved, hippie-freak, beer guzzling, cigar smoking card players, but they were such a blast! I remember many a Friday night standing on the coffee table, singing and dancing to Paul Simon..."Kodachro-oh-ome". It's all coming back like a wave. Then there were the times my dad would stuff spaghetti up his nose for no reason except to make us all laugh. And we did. I won't mention what he and Herb Brandenburg used to do with a lighter......ah-hemm.

Last fall, when Adam and Taryn got married, we all ate together, sang old songs and danced like fiends. It was an amazing time of celebration. It felt a little Jewish, minus the shofars and the little head thingys. We all marveled how everyone looked so beautiful and that this was quite possibly the first time we had gotten together as a group for the sole purpose of having FUN! How sad is that -- we lived and fought together for 9 months and only danced once.

There is an IHOP wedding coming up in a couple weeks and I have found myself looking forward to it since we got the invitation. Most likely I will see all the people I see in the prayer room but never get a chance to talk to. There will be a beautiful bride and an expectent groom and we will be all dressed up to see them. The reception is going to be a formal dinner at a country club (wahoo!). Don't worry Marci, I don't suggest Paul Simon or lighters. I am expecting good conversation, beautiful dresses, candles, yummy cake. We will eat, laugh and maybe cry together. And if we are lucky, we might just dance.


Sean The Red said...

I agree. Next Friday I am doing a 6 course supre party to acknolwedge Gods faithfulness and thanking people for the help we have received at finally becoming not for profit!! We have roast beastie, choclate, sugar, and lots of wine and cheese and tuna and scallopse etc...

I am trying to obey scripture. Just read the last half of Dueteronomy!!! Hard drink, eating roasted flesh, and doing it for DAYS!!! Sounds like heaven to me.

I love your first official post Kelsey!!!!!!!!!

l. said...

this is by far my most favorite post here. i agree - we need to party way more - to resurrect the spiritual discipline of celebration.

Nicola said...

Hi Kelsey,
This is Nic Walsh here - Aaron's sister. We love reading your family's blogs over here in New Zealand and even though I didn't get to know you very much, A&K definitely rate you so I have now joined the Bohlender Blog Fan Club! The Bohlenders are definitely part of our day to day lives now - thanks to blogging!!!!

Mikie3toes said...

Welcome to the incredible world of Blogging. I'm sure you will soon become more popular than that guy that runs Stuff I Think! I've already added you to my homepage!

Don't forget that small thing I suggested a while ago. That could be a small party. ZB could provide the music!