Friday, May 26, 2006

I have a new walking buddy and she is keeping me in line. In fact, this week I may not have excercised at all had we not power-walked this morning. And it turned out to be a workout and a prayer meeting at the same time! First of all, in all the house construction, I have misplaced the TaeBo DVD on loan from a very pregnant friend. Much to Jackson's dismay, we have not been able to do family TaeBo all week. (Hey, that makes me wonder - Jackson, did you HIDE the DVD???) Linda Hackett came at 8:30 this morning for the 2nd of what will be a weekly walk together. I am quickly finding that I LOVE this time with her. Linda is one of those people that would win the Woman of the Year award in just about every category. I like surrounding myself with people like that! We talked, prayed and provoked each other in the Lord. I love it when iron sharpens iron.

Our house is in the "blown up" phase of the project, which is evolving into a tremendous remodel. We started this whole mess because we needed to remove the mold-stricken carpet from the basement and throw up a few walls to make an extra bedroom in preparation for the adoption home study process. Snowball, snowball, snowball. Now we are putting new doors on the whole house to match the ones in the new walls (we have to have matching doors!), ripping out our entire kitchen and replacing the floor, cabinets and appliances and finishing the painting. Just a little weekend "to do list". HA! It will be amazing when it is finished, but it should be interesting living with 3 kiddos and mucho company over the summer with no countertops or kitchen sink for 4 weeks. It will be another adventure in the life of the Bohlenders........

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