Wednesday, May 24, 2006


That would be today. I was really looking forward to today -- not going anywhere, getting some things picked up around the house, maybe reading a book. Nada. I got up this morning and noticed it had rained overnight, so I thought what a great opporunity to plant the grass seed. Zion and I were out there before 8:00 raking the dirt and spreading the seed. With that crossed off my list, we ventured out to get Jackson shoes before lunch. Why can't it be as easy as it was when he was 3? Barney velcro slip-ons did the trick back then. I think we went to 37 places (more or less) before we came home empty handed. No cleaning got done and no book was read. It was late afternoon, I fixed a quick dinner (does anybody know of a good organic spaghetti sauce? What we had tonight was yucky!), played taxi to the boys' e12, and raced home to start on hanging drywall. I think a bunch of drunks finished our basement - nothing is square! It is now after 11:00 pm and we have few more pieces to go. Maybe I will make some homemade paper, write a few friendly notes and sew a quilt before I go to bed. Of course, tomorrow is always another day.

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