Friday, July 16, 2010

Kelsey's Confectionery Review

I should be editing the whopper of a file that is sitting here on my desk, waiting to be sent to the printer, but I needed a break from the book and thought I would opt for a little light writing. I can hardly keep up with all the confectionery delights offered in our fair city these days. In the spirit of servanthood, I have visited several new, trendy dessert establishments and am here to offer my review. After all, it's for the children.

Would love to have your comments as well, chiming in with the places I haven't been able to get to. I do have 7 kiddos and can't seem to get to every ice cream joint in town, although it is on my to do list.

1. PACIUGO GELATO - I give this 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and throw in a big toe. This place rocks my world. The flavors are intense, they don't use yuck sweeteners (no HFCS found here!) and it's 70% lower fat than ice cream, so you don't feel like you just ate a stick of butter. I feel happy when I leave here and so does my stomach. Free samples offer a first taste before you commit. My favorites are: Amaretto, Irish Coffee, Wedding Cake and Dark Chocolate (oh, man, my mouth is watering). Fresh flavors and friendly staff make this my #1 summer treat for 2010. Located at Towne Center across from Ingredient. Get there this weekend!

2. CUPCAKES AlaMODE - 5 stars for cute and yummy, thumbs down on price, this trendy cupcake cafe makes me want to dress up in pink heels and gather the girlfriends for a fun afternoon treat. The cupcakes themselves are hands down the best I've ever put in my mouth. Atmosphere is adorable and very girly, all in pink and black. But at $3.25 per cupcake, this will be a once a year thing for my girls and me.

3. OVER the TOP CUPCAKES and YOGURT - Zoe loved this place, and if it were up to her I might come back, but overall I was completely unimpressed. The cupcakes totally tasted like a cake mix with that horrid chemical aftertaste. The decoration part was a mere sprinkle bottle at the "Creation Station", but I suppose that was enough to garner a 3-year old's attention. The yogurt was a ton better than Peachwave, although just as expensive. Very creamy and tasty - I recommend the PineappleCoconut if you have to go. I wouldn't suggest this as a date night, but if you have toddlers and a Spreesy coupon it might be worth the trip.

4. PEACHWAVE - I guess I'm getting old. For all the hype and the masses of people in line, I expected some kind of dairy nirvana. I didn't get it. Aside from the "do it yourself" aspect (yes, I always go thru the self checkout), the whole experience didn't "wow" me. The yogurt was bland, and I sampled every single flavor. I will say the topping bar was very fresh and nicely stocked. I see these going up all over Kansas City -- I suppose I am just not catching the wave.

5. MOCHI-YO - In a word, YUM. Love the original tart flavor. Makes me think I'm eating something very healthy, which I'm probably not. It's definitely a different dessert than gelato or ice cream, but it's hip and next door to the Apple Store, so I call it a win.

6. TCBY - 135th and Roe. This is as old as I am, but it's a faithful friend. White Chocolate Mousse is the standard and needs no topping for it to please.

OK, I could go on, but I really need to get back to work. On another note, the Five Guys at Ward Parkway is just about to open and I hear that Trader Joe's is coming to Prairie Village. Just kidding about that part. We can only dream, huh?

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