Sunday, May 04, 2008

More revival news

We got in line super early today - 4 pm - in hopes that we would get a good seat. This would be Telma's last night here, at least for awhile. We also knew that Paul Cain would be sharing, so we wondered if that wouldn't draw the curiosity seekers.

It is me, Jackson, Grayson, Telma, Mercy and Laura. I am definitely the old one in the bunch, but I love hanging with these guys. They keep me on my toes and keep me young! It was another powerful night here in Lakeland, and again very different from every other since we've been here. What I think I loved the most was the conversation on the way home.

It was the consensus among the group that "this" isn't quite "that" and "that" would have to include a whole bunch more young people. I will have to admit that this revival crowd borders on the geriatric (myself included) and in looking around the stadium tonight, my heart was pained that it wasn't full of teenagers. Someone in the car said, "They kept singing, 'We are the generation who will stand and fight....' but my generation wasn't even there". It was also interesting to hear that these kids are looking for more sober, fear of the Lord and less laughter and rolling around "drunk". Funny -- it's my generation that is rolling around laughing and these kids are crying out for holy fear.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for the laughter, joy and refreshing that is released by the Spirit of God. We will need that in the days to come. But I am very aware of that which will capture the heart of this next generation. I loved listening to them process tonight. They loved the healings. They even loved the laughter. What they are waiting for is the raw power of God to empower THEM to preach the gospel, cast out demons and raise the dead. They want holy fear to descend upon their frame and ruin them for anything less than the glory of God covering the earth. They don't want to watch it happen on a stage, they want to feel it and do it.

Jesus....come. Baptize us with fire inside. Let us do the stuff.


Anonymous said...

While I agree with you that this is not quite that we have to be careful to not dispise the day of small beginnings.

Yes it is not the power of God that we are looking for but at least it is something. Something more then 99% of the body of Christ has right now.

Kelsey Bohlender said...

Yep, anonymous, I agree. We can't despise the day of small beginnings and I certainly don't. I love the "stable" days and have participated in many a prayer meeting in that place. Just don't want to be too quick to call "this" "that" (as Paul Cain emphasized last night as well).

Debi said...

Thanks, Kelsey for sharing. We started watching some of it online and have thought so much the same things as what you have written. We really appreciate your sharing while being there!

Debi :)

Elizabeth Kosorski said...

Hey Kelsey! I so appreciate your thoughts on the subject. Especially since you actually went there. I think you articulated what a lot of us have in our minds regarding this outpouring. It is certainly awesome seeing God move isn't it?! I can't wait for the day when hearts are irreversibly changed (don't know that's theologically accurate), society is turned upside down with bars and hospital emptied, and a Holy fear of God breaks out in the streets! Do it Lord!

P.S. I tried to email you today, however I have been labeled as "spam" and seem to have been banished from your inbox...