Monday, June 12, 2006

We know tonight why smart people hire smarter people to remodel their homes. We are also reminded why we loved our house in Cincinnati so much -- it was brand new and anything that went wrong was still under warranty! What started out to be a fun night with friends Jason and Lindsay and a few cool power tools is still far from over at 10 pm as we have demolished cabinets, broken the Corian countertop that we were selling, hosed down the kitchen involuntarily (just shut off the main water valve when you un-install a dishwasher), poked holes where there probably shouldn't be holes and found the remains of a carpenter ant's dinner in our walls (which means we have to replace a window and rebuild some studs). Of course, we took a break for Chiptle and Coldstone and we are back at it. I am putting the little boys to bed as Jason and Randy saw more holes in that room that used to be the kitchen. And did I mention how bad it smells in the house? Probably has something to do with the unidentifiable substance that globbed out of the garbage disposal when it was ripped out. Yuck.

The one good thing is that it is "bulky trash" week in our zone of Kansas City Wate Removal and the pile of stuff on our front lawn will disappear little by little over the week. We had some early shoppers this afternoon - no doubt will get more lookers under the cover of darkness. Whatever is left will be removed by the claw later this week. At least we only have to freak out the neighbors for a few days.

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Ronni said...

you know they can seam up corian... you won't even be able to find the line if you get a pro to do it... just thought you'd want to know before you tossed it... ;)