Friday, May 26, 2006


I remember when we decided to name our third son, "Zion"....I was a bit frightened. It seemed like the right thing to do, but it was way out of the box, even for the Bohlender's. I contemplated people asking me, "What does that mean?" or "Why did you name him Zion?" and not having language to answer. My doctor asked that fateful question upon seeing him and I said, "It's the promises for the people of God". I don't think I really had a clue.

Now, I tell Zion the story of his name and add that he was made to sing and bring in the presence of God. From the matrix of my own womb he was called as a prophetic singer, to drive back darkness and usher in the return of Jesus -- all by SONG. You can ask him what Zion means. He will tell you, "Another word for Jerusalem, where Jesus is coming back to set up His kingdom." His eyes get real big still when I explain that his singing will prepare the way for thay great event.

Today I sat with Dani and my new friend Jacob under the beautiful summer sky and discussed the book of Hosea - one of my very favorite things to do. The topic of the song of the Lord came up and my heart was on fire as we spoke. I want to proclaim it to all who will hear, "SING WITH HIM IN PARTNERSHIP! THERE IS POWER IN YOUR SONG!" Sing about how beautiful He is. Sing how His mercy endures forever. Sing about the wedding of the ages. Sing about the destruction of evil. But whatever you do, SING! This is your glory - to execute judgment on the nations (Psalm 149). Mysterious. Ludicrous. That our pitiful little songs can move heaven and shake the earth. But, oh, so true. These songs are mingled with the prayers of the saints as the myriad around the sea of glass sing that He is worthy to take the scroll, open its seals and deliver His excellent wrath to the enemy. We get to do this. What an amazing privledge.

With this in mind, I say, Sing, little Zion, Sing.


Shelley P said...

Thank you for this post. Just yesterday, I was sitting at my digital piano alone, singing songs to the Lord, wondering if it was making any difference. I'm reminded again that it really does.

It is hard to be isolated from like-hearted people who "get" what it is to sing the song of the Lord. I feel my heart is growing cold, as it needs the fire of other passionate, like-hearted believers to help fuel its passion.

I guess we'll be seeing you soon! We're hoping to visit the first weekend in August.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder of the power of song......
My heart, my heart does sing!

Sean The Red said...

When we get together in the South Bay, we are probably going to sing "Enemy Go Away" and "Holy is the sheep". We still havent figured out the prophetic part about "Daddy ate a peanut ont he aeroplane" but we will soon.

Brian said...


Brian in Winnipeg, here.

A very good post! Thanks for summing up what singing is all about for us. I cut/pasted/emailed this one to the core team in our house of prayer in Winnipeg. You said it like I believe it.